The Saucy Story of Condiments!
Aloha Flavor Fanatic, 
Did you ever slather sauces on your favorite dish and ponder its past? What’s the history of sauces, and how did we arrive at the delicious creation that is this liquid goodness? Strap in, we’re embarking on a culinary adventure through the ages!
Graphic of Chin-su sauce.

Our tasty tale begins with ancient Romans savoring garum, a punchy fish sauce, and Egyptians sweetening dishes with honey drizzles. The Middle Ages saw the French whipping up classic ‘mother sauces’, setting the foundation for many a culinary delight.

Fast forward to the Industrial Revolution, and voila! Bottled sauces like ketchup hit the sleeves, revolutionizing convenience. And that’s where Chin-Su shares the spotlight with sauces from all corners of the globe. Even better, we’re seeing tastier sauce options, offering full flavor without the guilt.

So next time you’re enjoying liquid goodness, remember the incredible journey it’s been on to reach your plate. 

Stay saucy, friends!

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