How Eco-Friendly Disposables Turned the Tide for Us During COVID-19
The past years have been a whirlwind of change due to COVID-19, causing us to adapt and innovate in ways we never expected. Today, we want to share the story of an unexpected hero in our journey - disposables.
Graphic of disposable container.
When the pandemic first struck, like everyone else, we were thrown into a sea of uncertainty. It was then we discovered eco-friendly disposables and its incredible potential. It quickly became our beacon, guiding us through the choppiest of waters.
Regardless of where they were, we managed to bring nourishment to people. It’s been a game-changer for us and we know it can be for others too.
As we step into a post-COVID world, we’re confident that eco-friendly disposables will continue to empower us to meet any challenges. We wanted to share our experience, hoping it might inspire you in your journey.
Stay strong, stay safe - we’re all in this together.
Paradise City Trading