V-GREEN PRO RICE PAPER 22cm 30bags Case


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Rice paper is made entirely carefully selected from rice flour and tapioca starch
Which has been steamed, so it only needs to be wet to be able to roll other foods such as vegetables, shrimp, meat, etc., convenient to use and for a very delicious Vietnamese rolls.

Storage Type: Plastic bag
Manufacturer Vgreen Pro
Specification Side 22m
Ingredients: Rice flour, Tapioca starch , salt
Instruction for use Take a rice paper roll in your hand, prepare a cup of clean water. Wet the surface of rice paper and put food such as vegetables, shrimp, and meat into the rolls. Ready to eat
Shelf Life 2 year
Place of Origin Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam
Rice Noodle Type
Dry Rice Noodle
Weight (kg) 340g (12oz)
Processing Type Semi handmade
Appearance Natural colour
Application Wholesale
Advantage Pure and healthy
Non GMO and Gluten free
Convenient to use
Competitive price
Color Milk white
Packaging and delivery Packaging Details: 340g (12oz)/bag
30bags/carton or customer’s requirement

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