Kings Coffee Ready to Drink 24ct.

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Material: Iced Black Coffee
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Saigon is the most crowded and active city in Vietnam, and has long been called the metropolis of Vietnamese coffee culture “Ca phe sua da” is at the center, well-known by travelers around the world. Inheriting that culture, our experts have made “KING COFFEE Ca phe sua da Sai Gon” which blends both typical Arabica and Robusta beans in Vietnam mixed with traditional-taste milk, capturing the typical characters (strong, creamy) and bringing the exceptional taste of Vietnam iced milk coffee. “KING COFFEE Ca phe sua da Sai Gon” was manufactured under cold ASEPTIC filling technology lines to retain more of the original taste of Vietnamese iced milk coffee without adding preservatives.

  • Cold ASEPTIC filling technology.
  • Ca phe sua da Sai Gon (Vietnamese iced milk coffee) is unique and well-known by the world.
  • Coffee beans from Vietnam.
  • A bold and unique taste of Vietnamese coffee & condensed milk.
  • Strong enough for making up to 4 servings.
  • Low sugar.
  • No preservatives.
  • Main ingredients: Water, non-dairy creamer, concentrated coffee, skimmed milk powder, sugar, whole milk powder.
  • Direction: Shake well before use. Best served chilled or over ice. Drink up after opening.

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