Karat - White 6oz Gourmet Food Container & Lid


Style: White Gourmet 6oz Food Containers - 500ct
Sale price$45


Elevate your takeout service with the Karat Gourmet Food Container. This versatile container is perfect for both hot and cold food, making it ideal for various takeout options, from soups and noodles to salads and desserts. 

The Gourmet Food Container features a sleek, stackable design that maximizes space efficiency in storage and transport. Some of the container sizes share the same lid size, reducing inventory costs and simplifying lid management.

Karat high quality polypropylene (PP) flat lids are design to fit Karat double poly paper cold/hot food containers. Flat lids feature a venting hole for hot food items such as mashed potatoes and soups.

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