Karat - Generic Print Corrugated Pizza Box


Size: 8”x8”
Sale price$26


Karat Corrugated Pizza Boxes are crafted for top-notch quality with durable B-flute construction and grease-resistant properties, ensuring your pizzas stay fresh. The thoughtful design features 4 vent holes on the top, ensuring your pizzas and pies remain fresh and delectable, reminiscent of just emerging from the oven. Enjoy a seamless dining experience by tearing the top off to transform the box into a generously-sized plate, eliminating the need for extra dishes.

Versatility is at the core of Karat Pizza Boxes, available in 6 sizes to cater to both personal cravings and grand celebrations. Choose from an array of colors – White, Kraft, and Generic Print – or opt for a personalized touch with our custom printing option.

  • Easy to assemble with pre-notched sides
  • 4 Vent Holes: Anti-sogginess with no steam
  • Built-In Plates: Tear the top off to create a large plate
  • High Quality Durable B-flute construction and 100% recycled packaging
  • Custom Printing: Various sizes and customized 2 colors are printed on the outside of each box


  • Color: White
  • LxWxH: 8”x 8”x 2"
  • Material: Corrugated Paper
  • Available Sizes: 8”x8”, 10”x10”,12”x12”
  • Available Colors: White, Kraft, and Generic Print
  • Units Sold By: Case of 50 pcs (Shrink Wrap)

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