Karat Earth - Wrapped CPLA Cutlery

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Karat Earth CPLA Compostable Cutlery 

• Individually Wrapped Kits
• Made from renewable resources
• Stronger than PLA utensils
• Compostable material

Product Details

CPLA is crystallized PLA, which combines PLA material with chalk to create a stronger bond that can withstand higher temperatures. CPLA cutlery is ideal for use with hot foods such as soups and meats.

The Karat Earth CPLA Cutlery Kit comes with everything you need to eat any meal! The kit includes a napkin along with a heavy-weight knife, fork, and teaspoon. Each kit is individually wrapped for safe and sanitary distribution.

Karat Earth CPLA Cutlery Kits are stronger than PLA utensils and made from compostable material. Your customers can enjoy a sizzling hot steak and a cup of soup and then simply toss the utensils into a compost bin when finished. CPLA kits allow you to provide quality utensils while reducing your impact on the environment. Make the switch to eco-friendly utensils today!

What is CPLA?
CPLA is a crystallized polylactic acid. This is created by adding chalk to PLA in the production process. Polylactic Acid (PLA) is a plant-based material derived from sugars such as corn starch or sugar cane.

How should I dispose of CPLA utensils?
The best way to dispose of CPLA utensils is to drop it off at a commercial composting site. You can collect compostable material in a compost bin and take it to a commercial site periodically.

You may also toss CPLA cutlery in the trash. It may take longer to decompose, but it is much better for the environment compared to traditional plastic utensils.

Can I recycle CPLA utensils?
No, never toss CPLA into a recycle bin. These are meant to be composted and may have negative effects on other recyclable items.

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