Karat Earth - PFAS-Free Natural Bagasse Hinged Containers


Size: 9x6x 1compartment 200ct.
Sale price$46


Karat Earth® Bagasse 9"x9" Hinged Containers are the perfect alternative to plastic #1-7! Serve your customers to go with these eco-friendly containers. 

Your customers will appreciate these eco-friendly 9"x9" Bagasse Hinged Containers to pack their take-out orders. Bagasse is made from leftover fibers from the extraction process of sugarcane. These bagasse containers are microwave safe with a holding temperature of 212֯ F and will not emit any toxic fumes. Take your food to go without the environmental harm of plastic or foam!

  • Compostable 
  • Made from natural sustainable material
  • Microwaveable

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