Karat PET Tamper Resistant Hinged Sandwich Wedge Container, Clear 17 oz - 200 pcs


Sale price$68.50


Keep your delicious sandwiches fresh and ready for on-the-go customers with the Karat 17oz PET Tamper Resistant Hinged Sandwich Wedge Container. Designed with convenience in mind, these containers feature a tamper-resistant seal that gives your customers peace of mind, knowing their meal is secure from the kitchen to their hands. The hinged design allows for easy opening and closing, making it a breeze for packing up lunches or quick snacks. Whether you're a bustling deli, a chic café, or packing a picnic, these wedge containers are a reliable choice for keeping your sandwiches intact and appetizing.


  • Color: Clear
  • LxWxH: 8"x3.1"x4"
  • Units Sold By: Bundle 200 pcs (25pcs per pack / 8 packs per bundle)

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