BioMiracle StaySafe Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Towelettes with 62% Alcohol & Aloe - 60ct x 24

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Stay Safe Hand Cleansing Towelettes with 62% Alcohol & Aloe - 60 ct Packs x24

PRODUCT OVERVIEW - BioMiracle StaySafe Hand Cleansing Towelettes 

Bio Miracle Staysafe Hand Cleansing Towelettes are clean and hygienic without water. Contains alcohol to clean hands quickly and effectively anytime, anywhere!

Easily wipe your hand clean anytime anywhere,

  • Compact and ideal for on-the-go
  •  Contains alcohol effectively protects your hand on external contamination
  • Leaves on residue and stickiness behind after use.
  • While ingredients such as Centella Asiatica and Cucumber Extracts soothes and refreshes hands, Ceramide keeps them moisturized and hydrated.

INGREDIENTS 62% Alcohol, Cica, and Ceramide

COUNT 60 sheets

SIZE 6.10" x 7.67”

PACKAGE Easy to carry, resealable package

USAGE Convenient and made for everyday use. No stickiness or residue remains, providing a clean and fresh feeling after use. Contains moisturizing ingredients so it moisturizes skin while killing germs. Perfect when using public transportation, using a smartphone, to clean various office equipment, after pressing elevator buttons, before and after touching a pet, using public restrooms, gas station visits, and any other high contact situation outside the home.

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