Aloha, eco-warriors!

Ready to ride the green wave with us? In this exciting edition of Paradise City Trading's newsletter, we're taking a radical ride through time! We're going to look back at Hawaii's thrilling journey from throw-away culture to a more eco-chic approach with sustainable food containers. Grab your surfboards, it's going to be a swell ride!

Surfing from Past to Present

Once upon a time, disposables were all about convenience, and 'environment' was just a buzzword. However, like a slow-building wave, Hawaii caught on to the gnarly importance of sustainability. The journey from "throw away" to "throw it in the compost" was not an easy ride, but hey, no one said catching a wave was easy!

This epic shift required serious awareness, a big dose of aloha spirit, and commitment from everyone—businesses, policy makers, and awesome customers like you. Today, we're stoked to say that businesses across our beautiful islands, including us here at Paradise City Trading, offer an array of paper and PP plastic disposable containers. You can now enjoy your poke bowl guilt-free, knowing you’re caring for our 'aina (land)!

Riding the Global Green Wave

This eco-journey in Hawaii is not a lone ride. It's a massive wave that's sweeping across the globe. More people are waking up to the environmental impact of their choices, causing a radical ripple effect. This green wave has seen the creation of innovative, eco-friendly alternatives that are seriously tubular! No more compromise on convenience or the environment.

Our Stoked Commitment at Paradise City Trading

At Paradise City Trading, we're not just riding this green wave - we're helping to shape it! We're stoked to offer our eco-warriors an incredible selection of eco-friendly restaurant containers that balance your wallet with our world. We're proud to say that we're part of the solution, helping Hawaii make some gnarly green moves.

Mahalo, Eco-Warriors!

Your support keeps this green wave going, and for that, we say a massive MAHALO! We invite you to continue this fun ride with us as we explore more eco-friendly disposable solutions. Your satisfaction and the wellbeing of our beautiful islands are what make this ride worthwhile.

Let's keep making positive waves for our planet, together!

Mahalo nui loa,

Paradise City Trading